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Cosm Medical – winner of the Forward AM Innovation Award 2021!

After six month the Forward AM Innovation Award journey reached its grand conclusion on the 30th of June 2021 with its big final event. Cosm Medical, HILOS, SYOS and Wyve…

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Our New Daylight Resins – Made to Perform

In Additive Manufacturing (AM), photopolymers are the material of choice when high speed and fine details are critical factors. The resins used in AM are liquid photopolymers…

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How Coaching Empowers the Forward AM Innovation Award Finalists

It has been an exciting six months! What started in January with the Award application process is now heading towards its spectacular conclusion, with four shortlisted…

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Forward AM and Ultimaker unlock the magic of metal

Forward AM offers one of the largest portfolios of high-performance Additive Manufacturing materials and services in the chemical industry worldwide. Combined with…

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Insights: What’s new at Forward AM?

What has been happening at Forward AM so far this year? What new products and projects are in the pipeline? Watch the video message from François Minec, Managing Director…

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Forward AM Gaining Traction at Global Automotive OEMs

AM has made a high-impact entry in the automotive industry. While OEMs have predominantly adopted it for rapid prototyping, there has recently been a strong shift to a focus…

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Breaking the Mold with Forward AM!

In the fashion industry in general and footwear in particular, rapid and global supply chains are two key success factors. As in so many other industries, AM has the…

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TPU Parts

Bring Your TPU Parts To Life!

A wealth of possibilities is opened up by post-processing – enhancing the appeal, durability and overall quality of your 3D printed part. Besides chemical etching to smoothen…

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metal filament

Exploring New Horizons in 3D Metal Printing

Metal filament 3D printing offers a galaxy of benefits: Geometric design freedom without the need for molds or castings, outstanding strength and corrosion resistance even…

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Get to Know Our Innovative New Resins!

Unmatched for fine detailing and smooth finish – photopolymers are the material of choice when accuracy and aesthetics count. Resins used in Additive Manufacturing are liquid…

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Meet Our Tough Star: Ultrasint® PA11!

A wealth of applications, ease of use on any PBF equipment, convincing mechanical properties, and based on natural feedstock. One material has it all: Ultrasint® PA11. Let’s…

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