Stratasys SAF™ PP enabled by BASF Forward AM

PP for the lowest cost per part and leading accuracy on SAF™ PP on the H350 Platform

Compatible with: Stratasys H350 3D Printer Powered by SAF technology, this printer is perfectly tuned to maximize the properties of SAF PP, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted and highly efficient.


SAF™ PP enabled by BASF Forward AM is recognized for its exceptional chemical resistance and airtight capabilities, making it the ultimate choice for complex applications across various industries. From orthotics such as ankle foot orthosis and foot inserts to automotive components like housings and ducting, SAF PP offers unmatched flexibility and resilience.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Superior aesthetics
  • Consistent quality
  • Cost efficiency
  • Optimized for high volume production
  • Enhanced chemical resistance
  • Weldability
  • Water and air tightness

Example Applications

  • Car interior parts
  • Fluid and HVAC systems
  • Tubes, pipes, reservoirs
  • Medical devices
  • Orthotics
  • Functional prototypes
  • Multi-purpose industrial goods

Material Properties

  • Tensile strength: 30 MPa
  • Young’s modulus: 1600 MPa
  • Elongation at break: 20 %
  • Charpy impact notched: 3.5 kJ/m²
  • HDT B: 100 °C

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