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Depowdering of a PBF part is crucial in every instance, irrespective of the end-use application or potential subsequent post-processing steps. 

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The first step in post-processing PBF parts is depowderingIt is a crucial and necessary step for all PBF parts, whether the part remains as-printed or goes through subsequent post-processing steps such as smoothing, coating, and dyeing. But, despite its importance, its impact on the end-use part is often underestimated and still faces challenges that must be addressed.

What can affect the depowdering of a 3D printed part?

Benefits at a Glance

  • The printing process
  • The geometry of the part
  • The intrinsic characteristics of the material, such as softness or rebound

Therefore, to truly optimize the depowdering of a PBF part, materials and process expertise are critical. This is why the collaboration between BASF Forward AM and our partners is essential and effective.


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