Ultracur3D® SLA 7700

General-Purpose SLA Resin, Easy-to-Print and Exceptional Part Clarity

Ultracur3D® SLA 7700 is a versatile material specifically designed for easy and reliable processing on large-vat Stereolithography (SLA) machines. Its exceptional clarity, combined with excellent accuracy and processing speed, makes this material ideal for aesthetic and functional prototypes across a multitude of industries, ranging from consumer goods to automotive and aerospace.

Transparent 3D sample after clear coating

Ultracur3D® SLA 7700 offers superior clarity alongside remarkable accuracy and speed in processing. This resin is formulated for easy printing on large-vat SLA machines, delivering consistency and reliability across all project sizes.

The crystal-clear nature of SLA 7700 sets a new standard for visual aesthetics, making it perfect for producing high-quality functional prototypes and models. Its excellent detail and smooth surface finish are essential for industries such as consumer goods, automotive, and aerospace, where precision is necessary.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Exceptional optical clarity
  • Easy and reliable printing on large-vat systems
  • Excellent accuracy, details and surface finish
  • Low moisture absorption

Example Applications

  • Consumer products
  • Highly detailed prototypes
  • Product Design

Material Properties

  • Young’s modulus: 2,250-2,550 MPa
  • Tensile strength: 46-51 MPa
  • Water absorption (24h): 0.36%
  • Viscosity at 30 °C: 330 mPas

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