Thinking ‘sustainability first'

We commit to reducing our impact on the planet by developing sustainable products, solutions, and production methods and studying the impact of the 3D Printing industry.

A modern wind turbine set against a clear blue sky, with its blades in mid-rotation, epitomizing sustainable energy solutions.


We develop products, solutions, and production methods that enable the future of sustainable manufacturing.

As a part of our mission to enable sustainable Additive manufacturing, we produce a range of sustainable materials including:

  • 2 Recycled Materials: Made from post-consumer or post-industrial plastic waste
  • 7 Bio-Based Materials: Derived from renewable resources such as plants, crops, or algae
  • 30+ Recyclable Materials: Can be collected and processed to create new products after their initial use
At our production sites in Emmen, Netherlands and Paris, France we have moved from fossil based energy to wind and solar energy leading to a reduction in our carbon footprint of our operations and our products.

Switching to 90-100% post-industrial recycled material for our spools and FSC® certified cardboard as well as redesigning packaging in our Ultrafuse® filaments portfolio has reduced the impact of consumer packaging. For example, for Ultrasint® rPET, optimised packaging has a 12% reduction on CO2.

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A yellow spool of 3d printing filament from BASF 3D Forward AM


We study the impact of 3D printing to enrich the discourse of sustainability across the industry.

A lifecycle assessment (LCA) calculates the environmental impacts that are associated with every step of the production of a product. Forward AM has completed 12 LCAs as a part of our commitment to understanding the impact of our materials as a part of the 3D printing process.

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To support our customers in their sustainability goals we offer a CO2 calculation service measuring the footprint of part production for a given material and technology.

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A blue recycling bin, marked with the white recycling symbol, symbolizes BASF Forward AM's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the additive manufacturing industry.


We create positive change at the grass-roots, knowing that every contribution adds up to make a meaningful difference.

Our Carbon Compensation program enables customers to offset the environmental impact of their material usage by working with accredited organizations to finance long-term carbon capture projects.

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The ISO 14001 certification drives companies to consistently maintain high environmental performance standards by reducing waste, energy usage, and greenhouse gas emissions. This certification creates a solid framework to guide BASF Forward AM through our multiple sustainability initiatives.

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Forward AM provides recycling and take back program for its Ultrasint® PA11 and Ultrasint® TPU lines. Customers can return unused material and printed parts to be transformed back into fresh material.

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