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Ultrafuse® PLA Tough: The Ultimate Functional PLA

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In a market filled with high-speed filaments, speed alone solves only part of the equation. That’s why we introduced Ultrafuse® PLA Tough — a filament that transcends speed to offer a suite of superpowers. With extreme durability, high-strength, superior surface quality, and biocompatibility, Ultrafuse® PLA Tough elevates 3D printing possibilities and expands your capabilities. It’s not just faster and stronger than standard PLA – it’s the next generation filament you’ve been waiting for.

With our Ultrafuse® PLA Tough and other Filament materials, you can achieve sustainable, cost-effective and time-saving production of large components at rapid speeds while maintaining impeccable surface quality. We are leading the market with these innovative materials which allow our customers to elevate their designs and projects to PRO levels with a filament that guarantees outstanding performance, reliability, and consistency.

3D Printed high accurate fixture to secure a pneumatic regulator in place. Read more about the case study.

Our Ultrafuse® portfolio now offers high-speed printing filaments compatible with selected printers, and Forward AM is continuously expanding our compatibility across the board. And as a soluble support structure, our Ultrafuse® materials allow far greater design freedom in the manufacturing of complex 3D geometries with Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).

Time and time again, our high-speed filaments continue to exceed performance expectations with:

  • Breakthrough Speeds: Experience printing at unprecedented speeds, dramatically reducing production times.
  • Unmatched Quality: Our filaments are engineered to maintain exceptional quality, even at high speeds.
  • Broad Compatibility: Initially available for selected printer models, we’re actively working on extending our compatibility range.
  • Innovative Profiles: Developed with precision, our profiles ensure optimal performance across various printing conditions.

In the past, printing speeds for desktop class 3D printers rarely surpassed the 80 mm/s mark. Typical configurations for bead width and layer height did not allow for printing above 6 mm³/s volumetric flow. Now with the recent emergence of high-speed-printers in this market segment, opportunities to achieve these high speeds are within reach.

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BASF Forward AM Offers Ultrafuse® PLA Tough: The Ultimate Functional PLA designed for High-Speed Printing. Read more about it on 3DPrint.com.

BASF Forward AM, the leading model material supplier and Xioneer, the leading soluble support material supplier, have joined forces to bring high-speed-printing with their materials to desktop printers. Utilizing the Raise3D Pro3 Hyper FFF® system, several model-support combinations were validated for printing speeds up to 300 mm/s at a flow rate of up to 30 mm³/s, which is 5 times the throughput of previous 3D printing systems.

Further material combinations are currently being investigated, particularly for the model-support interface. It should be noted that these speeds are impossible to realize with any support material other than VXL due to loss of adhesion at high speeds. The use of soluble supports is paramount to achieve the freedom of design for your parts in order to streamline your production by reducing manual labor. These innovative materials and cutting-edge printing technologies are taking companies from rapid prototyping to real additive manufacturing by utilizing this new dimension of throughput.

Alignment Jig 3D Printed with Ultrafuse® PLA Tough. Download the Extended TDS here.

Ultrafuse® filaments qualified on Bambu Lab 3D printers for fast printing. Our team of experts tested Forward AM Ultrafuse® filaments successfully on Bambu Lab high speed printers and have shared our optimized 3D printing profiles on our website to allow our customers an easy start with Ultrafuse® filaments on Bambu Lab 3D printers, using printing speeds up to 300mm/s! Download and learn how to install the latest profile with our guide!

From consultancy and development, through innovative design, digital simulation and prototype printing, to finishing and exhaustive component testing – we provide you with exactly what your business needs. Whichever material you require for your specific project, Forward AM offers you the world’s largest selection of 3D printing materials and service solutions.

Ultrafuse® Filaments and PLA Tough – It´s not just for experts.

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