Interviews with 3D Printing Services #3

LAYERbyLAYER X TreddyA Conversation with the CEO Mattia Mucci

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Welcome to LAYERbyLAYER: Interviews with 3D Printing Services, a unique series brought to you by BASF Forward AM. Through this collection, we dive into the stories of Digital Manufacturing Pioneers who are reshaping the industry with their innovative 3D printing services. These leaders have not only embraced additive manufacturing as a core element of their business but have also chosen BASF Forward AM as a trusted partner in materials and solutions. Each interview seeks to uncover the motivations, challenges, and triumphs behind their decision to pioneer in the 3D printing space, offering inspiration to others in the field.

Join us as we explore these narratives, layer by layer, to better understand the evolving landscape of digital manufacturing and the visionaries driving its future.

Interview #3: Meet Mattia Mucci, CEO of Treddy, a 3D Printing Service based in Italy. Treddy was founded as a immediate response to the demands of Industry 4.0 in the current digital revolution. Mattia co-created Treddy, for a tailored, accessible and ready-to-use additive manufacturing.

Getting to know Mattia Mucci

Marco: Could you start by sharing what inspired you to enter the world of additive manufacturing and ultimately co-found Treddy?

Mattia: “My fascination with additive manufacturing began about a decade ago. It’s a field that blends innovation with practical application, which deeply resonated with me. This interest eventually led to the establishment of Treddy with Marco Luciani. We envisioned a company that wasn’t just a manufacturing firm but a solution provider, addressing real-world problems through advanced technology.

More about Treddy and its evolution

Marco: Can you describe the early days and how Treddy has evolved to its current state?

Mattia: “We started four years ago with a robust investment in technology, which set the foundation for our operations. From the beginning, we aimed to offer a broad range of solutions, supported by a highly skilled technical office.

Our Mission is to bring companies to rethink their workflow in production lines, starting precisely with additive manufacturing, going so far as to replace up to 70 % of traditionally made components, using our additive methods. In doing so, production wastage will be nothing more than a memory.

This approach allowed us to quickly evolve, culminating in doubling our production capacity in Pescara and opening a new commercial office in Milan this year to support our international expansion.

“From the beginning, we aimed to offer a broad range of solutions, supported by a highly skilled technical office.”

Treddy’s team vision is realizing ideas, bringing projects to life, solving problems through their technologies and expertise, to change companies’ approach to productivity.

Deep dive into the partnership with Forward AM

Marco: Your collaboration with Forward AM has been a cornerstone for Treddy. How did this partnership begin, and what makes it so effective?

Mattia: “The partnership with Forward AM began three years ago and was grounded in our need for high-quality TPU for our HP printing systems. Forward AM’s Ultrasint® TPU01 not only met our technical requirements but also brought certifications crucial for our projects, particularly those involving skin contact. Their commitment to innovation and responsiveness to partner needs has made this a smooth and fruitful collaboration.”

More about the relationship with Ultrasint® TPU01

Marco: You’ve mentioned the use of our TPU01 extensively in your HP systems. Could you tell me more about your experience?

Mattia: “Ultrasint® TPU01 is a superior material that has transformed how we approach design and manufacturing. With several HP machines dedicated to printing this material, we’ve been able to explore and expand into new applications. The real game-changer is the combination of Forward AM’s TPU with Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) and lattice design techniques. This approach allows us to create parts with varying degrees of flexibility and hardness within the same component. It’s this capability that unlocks the full potential of 3D printed TPU, opening up markets and applications previously unimaginable. In the near future, I predict that there will be increasing buzz about Forward AM’s TPU, especially as industries recognize its potential to revolutionize product design and functionality.”

In the near future, I predict that there will be increasing buzz about Forward AM’s Ultrasint® TPU01, especially as industries recognize its potential to revolutionize product design and functionality.

Restyled 1991 jetski, improved with durable, waterproof components made from Forward AM’s TPU, showcases the future of personalized watercraft and lattice design.

The 1991 Jetski restyling project

Marco: Can you discuss some of the innovative applications you’ve been able to develop using Forward AM’s TPU, especially any standout projects?

Mattia: “One of the standout applications was the restyling of a 1991 jetski, where we provided aftermarket components. For this project, the ability to use the entire print volume of our HP systems was crucial. Forward AM’s TPU not only offered the durability and flexibility needed for such demanding applications, but its capability to be printed in the full build volume of our printers allowed us to produce large, complex parts efficiently. This made the project feasible and exemplified the material’s versatility. Additionally, the waterproofing required for the jetski parts was achieved through vapor smoothing techniques, further highlighting the functional advancements enabled by Forward AM’s TPU.”

Exploring other Services & Solutions by Forward AM

Marco: Apart from TPU, have you tried any other services or solutions offered by Forward AM?

Mattia: “Another aspect we really appreciate about Forward AM is their attentiveness to the needs of their partners. They consistently demonstrate this commitment. After we expressed a need for a coating suitable for their TPU, just a few months later, they presented us with Ultracur3D® Coat F+, a waterborne polyurethane coating that is ideal for elastic 3D printing materials. It’s a perfect solution for finishing our TPU parts when customers require it, showcasing Forward AM’s dedication to not only meeting but anticipating our project needs.”

Treddy is a certified HP Multi jet Fusion Production Professional Center.

Impact and future directions of Treddy

Marco: Looking ahead, what future initiatives can we expect from Treddy?

Mattia: “In primis, taking a moment for reflection has made me truly realize how far we’ve come in just a few years—and we’ve only just begun. The recent opening of our commercial office in Milan marks the first step toward Treddy’s internationalization and expansion. It’s a strategic move that sets the stage for our broader aspirations to grow and innovate on a larger scale.”

Thank you, Mattia!

Author: Marco Mattia Cristofori - Senior Product Marketing Manager at BASF Forward AM

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