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How Forward AM Makes Sports Safer

In baseball, hockey, football and all other sports, head trauma through collision is an omnipresent risk for all athletes. And it doesn’t stop with sporting activities: All of us who ride motorcycles, go skydiving or skiing also face this risk.

Protective helmets

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Protective helmets

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Yes to sports – no to head trauma

Improving the performance of protective gear is therefore crucial in preventing injuries and increasing safety. Forward AM is strongly committed to safety and improving the performance of helmets and other protective gear.

Next level of head protection – Forward AM takes the lead

After seven decades with minimal design development, Additive Manufacturing – “AM” – now creates the opportunity not only to distribute differentiated impact strategies intelligently throughout the helmet but also for individualized helmet fit. The result is hugely improved safety.

Figure 1: Excellent shock absorption by a lattice structure printed with TPU powders from Forward AM

Perfect synergy of material, technology and design

Forward AM’s advanced engineering and design expertise makes it possible to identify the optimum combination of materials, technology and processes in the most cost and time efficient way. Our Ultrasint® TPU high performance range of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) powders now enable the industrial-scale 3D printing of flexible parts with class-leading shock absorption. This TPU range is ideally suited to manufacturing complex lattice structures: Its high processing stability and accuracy make extremely detailed designs possible. These benefits are mainly thanks to the outstanding mechanical properties of TPU powders.

Ultrasim® by Forward AM – accelerating application development with Virtual Engineering

Forward AM ́s unique Virtual Engineering design service for 3D printed components is based on Ultrasim®. This Finite Element Modelling capability was originally developed in our Engineering Plastics division over the last 25 years to optimize our materials’ performance in traditional injection molding. Modelling elastomers is extremely challenging because of the complex viscoelastic behavior that TPUs exhibit, as well as the Mullins effect.

  • Virtual Engineering design service
  • Rigorous in-house testing and analytics
  • Engineering-grade AM materials
  • Expertise in the latest finishing solutions to complement our AM materials.
Figure 2: Major challenges in elastomer simulation.
Figure 3: Optimized AM structure designed with Ultrasim®

Figure 3 demonstrates we have succeeded in achieving accurate material models for our TPU through testing confirmation. This enables the design adaptation of printed structures through precise simulation to achieve a specific force deflection response – in the case of helmets, optimized impact absorption. By combining this Virtual Engineering capability with rigorous confirmation testing to create intelligent designs, we can accelerate application development rather than rely on time-intensive “print, test, repeat” which in fact may never achieve the desired mechanical performance.

Forward AM has harnessed this approach to develop highly innovative structures that optimally balance outstanding impact performance with weight management, a further key performance criterion.

We can apply this not only to helmets but to other applications such as footwear, where the desired mechanical response instead requires maximum rebound. Depending on the specific characteristics of individual applications, the variety of potential structures is enormous: Lattice designs with optimized configuration and strut size, solid structures, or even other innovative geometric configurations are all possible. The key is that all these structures are developed most efficiently and effectively to fulfil their performance goal with the aid of Virtual Engineering.

Figure 4: Finite Element Model for mathematical optimization | Figure 5: The Tetrahedral Lattice structure as an example of many possible designs

Ultracur3D® flexible coatings create real eyecatchers

Forward AM has developed industry-leading finishing strategies for parts 3D printed with our TPU powders. Through post-processing such as dry-ice blasting, chemical etching, or dyeing, an already high quality surface can be modified to deliver the desired effect. For instance, Ultracur3D® flexible coatings enable an aesthetically enamel-like surface that not only ensures an attractively colored part but also provides functionalities such as moisture impermeability plus highly effective dirt and oil sloughing.

The result: A major advance in helmet safety through optimized AM design and smart material choice

At Forward AM we provide our customers with end-to-end solutions to enable them to shape the AM industrial revolution. Our market leading service spectrum comprises:

  • Virtual Engineering design service
  • Rigorous in-house testing and analytics
  • Engineering-grade AM materials
  • Expertise in the latest finishing solutions to complement our AM materials.
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