Ultracur3D® UV Adhesion Promoter

The Best Coating Solution for elastic materials with exceptional flexibility.


The Forward AM Ultracur3D® UV Adhesion Promoter is a solvent-borne UV-Primer to improve the adhesion of rigid 3D-Printing Materials. It enables new possibilities for materials that are difficult to coat – such as Polypropylen. With our UV adhesion promoter, there is no need to develop or replace existing coating systems, as it is compatible with commercially available topcoats and clearcoats.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Excellent adhesion enhancement
  • Smoothens surface
  • Compatible with a wide range of topcoats systems and application methods

Fields of Application

  • Automotive interior
  • Automotive exterior
  • Consumer goods

Main Properties

Form Liquid
Gloss High gloss
Substrate PA, PP; Resins
Hardener None
Thinner Ethyl acetate

Use Cases and Whitepaper of Ultrasint® TPU 88A

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