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Securely Store Your Parts and Get Them Printed via Replique's Digital Inventory Platform

Replique’s digital inventory enables a convenient, efficient and secure management of 3D printable spare parts. Once a design is onboarded, the digital inventory platform – connecting customers, print farms and other service providers – ensures convenient, fast and reliable operations.

From concept of a part via their digital inventory, decentralized 3D printing and shipping of the finished parts to their final destination.

At Replique they offer you end-to-end support or just individual modules tailored to your needs!

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Added value for our customers

Digital Inventory + Material and Simulation Expertise.

  • Venture of Chemovator, business incubator of BASF
  • Founded in 2020 by material and data experts from BASF
  • Joint forces Replique and Forward AM: Digital Inventory + Material and Simulation Expertise
Reference customers:

Miele, Alstom, Gautzsch