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A clear overview of our material selection

Many of our materials have special properties and certifications. Find the material for your application by searching for your desired material property for any technology: Ultrasint® Powder, Ultrafuse® Filament, and Ultracur3D® Photopolymers.

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Material Properties

Temperature resistance

Currently HDT A about 100°C

Food Contact

At least raw material tested


It is a biobased material

Flame Retardance

All materials with flammability

Bio Compatibility

Statement available (tested at least 1 of ISO 10993 & passed or USP VI)

Recycled Material

It contains recycled

ESD Safe

Surface resistivity between
10^5 & 10^11

UV resistance

UV stabilizators or UV resistance tested positively

Chemical resistance

Material chemical resistant or chemical resistance tested

Select the wanted property below and find the perfect material for your application.You have the option to filter each business line or all materials together.

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Ultrasint® Powder

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