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BASF Forward AM collaborates with designers, engineers and industries to shape the future of additive manufacturing.

We provide 3D printing solutions for the entire value chain. From consultancy and development, bespoke design, digital simulation and prototype printing to finishing and testing. We invest in international research and development whilst delivering value through high-quality materials, applications and processes.

Forward Thinking Design

Create components that outperform their competitors. Innovate new ideas.
Solve complex challenges. Accelerate your time to market.
3D printing technology can generate virtually any three-dimensional shape you can imagine.



Revolutionise and enhance the capabilities of the additive manufacturing processes, the freedom to create innovative designs you thought impossible.



High tensile strength, flexibility, and shock absorption, suitable for diverse applications, with varying levels of hardness and rigidity. High quality finish with resistance to abrasion, impact, chemicals, and UV light.



Exceptional flexibility, moisture impermeability, and resistance to dirt and oil. The perfect, smoothed finish in various colours.



Fully recyclable TPU reduces waste and promotes sustainability. With industry leading refresh rates whilst maintaining the highest printing quality.


Dream. Design. Make.


Powder Bed Fusion (PBF)

Ultrasint® TPU is a versatile thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) powder ideal for various applications, offering shock absorption, energy return, and flexibility. It’s perfect for sports protection gear, footwear, orthopedic models, car interiors, and industrial tools. Our range includes TPU01 for HP MJF 3D Printers and tailored solutions like TPU 88A and TPU 90A LT for SLS 3D Printers. Whether you need durability or versatility, Ultrasint® TPU ensures quality and functionality for your projects.

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Ultrafuse® Flexible Filaments are designed for industrial use, offering soft haptics, superior strength, and remarkable flexibility. With outstanding rebound and abrasion resistance, they ensure enduring flexibility for long-term applications. Choose from our range of four TPU filament types tailored to provide the perfect shore and specifications for your specific application needs. Elevate your projects with unparalleled quality and reliability.

Additive Manufacturing: Solving Real-World Challenges



Medical (O&P)




Consumer Goods


Collaborating For Innovation

At Forward AM we operate and collaborate seamlessly throughout the entire value chain, offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions by integrating high-quality, pioneering materials with cutting-edge engineering services. The key to progress lies in unity, recognising that no one can succeed in isolation. Additive Manufacturing, in itself, is merely a technology; however, its true value emerges when partners collectively align and collaborate across applications, materials, and processes to form a dependable and scalable solution.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

A partner for evolution. We work with OEMs to find new and fascinating ways to leverage 3D printing technology and enable them to use it at an industrial scale. Supporting the creation of elegant solutions for everyday problems, we believe that every 3D-printed product should be functional and pleasing to the senses: robust, reliable and refined.

We actively support the design and production of products that minimise waste and energy consumption, contributing to a more sustainable future, we’re ISO 14001-certified for our commitment to environmental management.

Service Bureau

A partner for excellence. We work with service bureaus to enable them to continue their track record of high-quality standards, fast printing speed and outstanding customer support. Supplying a diverse and superior range of materials that meet specific industry standards. We ensure reliability, consistency, and compatibility across various 3D printing technologies.

Continual collaboration and constant innovation addresses evolving market needs for material development. Timely access to these cutting-edge materials, along with outstanding technical support, means we help service bureaus to maintain operational efficiency and meet client demands.

Machine Manufacturers

A partner for progress. At Forward AM we offer access to a varied material portfolio, including advanced options, enabling manufacturers to stay competitive and pioneer the next generation of 3D printers. Collaborative partnerships for ongoing research and development contribute to addressing specific application needs, ensuring a seamless integration of materials into new machine design and development.

Providing market-leading, reliable materials compatible with diverse and innovative printing technologies, alongside consistency in material properties, is vital for our partners to achieve success.

Ultrasim® 3D Service Portfolio

Service solutions that drive the industrialisation of additive manufacturing. 3D printing is more than just a technology; it’s a gateway to creativity and innovation. Each project becomes a platform to delve into new design horizons, and our commitment extends beyond the material itself. Our comprehensive services are designed to support our customers throughout the entire additive manufacturing process. From aiding in the initial design and simulating part behaviour, to meticulously handling the post-processing of the final application. Our approach ensures tailored solutions that align seamlessly with your objectives.


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