Enabling Flame Retardant Applications with Ultrasint® PA6 FR

In the fast-evolving Additive Manufacturing industry, safety standards and reliable performance are key to facilitating manufacturers’ transition to AM – i.e flame retardancy is a highly relevant material property for industries such as transportation, electrics & electronics, construction and aerospace.

For these industries, guaranteed material flame retardancy is key and an absolute prerequisite for migrating to Additive Manufacturing. Recognized and well-established industry certifications such as the UL Blue Card give these industries that guarantee. Forward AM’s Ultrasint® PA6 FR is the first officially UL certified flame retardant PA6 powder for Laser Sintering.

Read this whitepaper to better understand the requirements of flame retardant applications and the relevance of UL94 Blue Card certification and discover a case study as tangible example of a successful application where flame-retardant PA6 FR delivered the decisive advantage.

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