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At Forward AM, we live the ambition to drive the industrialisation of additive manufacturing. In order to support our customers, we have developed a full range of services, from design and simulations to parts printing and testing. We tailor solutions to meet specific needs and offer end-to-end-solutions along each step of the supply chain – from the very first design idea through to the finished product. Rely on the deep expertise of our Service Team to boost your competitiveness.

Our Services

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Together with you, our service specialists rethink a component from zero, to meet all functional requirements and identify the ideal design for additive manufacturing. At Forward AM we have direct access to an industry-leading range of technologies to put at your disposal, plus BASF’s unrivalled materials expertise.

Virtual Engineering & Simulation

Simulation for additive manufacturing is a valuable step in the production of 3D printed parts. Engineers and 3D printing specialists work closely with designers to fully understand the perfect part orientation and support structure design, in order to reduce the number of iterations and tests during construction.


We are able to provide the best solution to print your part. Should you need a comprehensive end-to-end solution for your Additive Manufacturing (AM) production environment, our experts will gladly support you with the set-up. With our full-service approach, we are also able to offer you various methods to achieve the desired surface finish to complement and finish the printed part.


Turn your 3D Printed Part into a Marketable Product with our broad range of post processing options we identify the best way to finish your part.

Validation & Testing

At the end of each development process, and before the serial printing of your future product, we carry out an extensive testing cycle for your 3D printed part. Through Additive Manufacturing testing we can help you evaluate whether the required specifications can be validated for serial production.

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