Printing Profiles

To print at the best possible way with our filaments

We try to provide you with a large range of printing profiles for our materials based on different well-known printer builders. This is an ongoing process and we keep updating this page. Missing a specific profile? Feel free to contact us and let’s see what we can do to support you.

How to work with Printing Profiles

Multiple options to get your 3D printing profiles

We offer you multiple options to get printing profiles based on each printer builder.

  •  Direct download of a file. (.curapackage or .zip)
  •  Direct link to the materials’ specific overview page at the printer builder website.
  •  Directly linked to the printer builder slicing software where the print profile is accessible in the marketplace or directly upon download. (e.g. Ultimaker Cura Marketplace or BCN3D Stratos).

Please be aware of the fact that not every file or material has all options. Additionally, keep in mind that sometimes the needed printing profiles aren’t available (yet or due to machine compatibility). Here is an overview of the Printing Profiles for Ultrafuse® Filaments.




Download profiles

Some of our printing profiles are available for download and and some are only available in the marketplace store of your printing program of choice

External links to marketplaces

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