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New Possibilities with the Launch of Our Ultracur3D® UV Adhesion Promoter

The coating of some 3D printed materials can be rather tricky, as a good adhesion is sometimes difficult to achieve. Taking on this challenge, our experts at Forward AM developed the new Ultracur3D® UV Adhesion Promoter launched on the 27th of January 2022. With the 1K solvent-borne UV Adhesion Promoter, customers have more options to coat materials like Polypropylene – and it improves the adhesion for rigid 3D printing materials.

Discover the Many Benefits of the Ultracur3D® UV Adhesion Promoter 

The main thought behind every of our post-processing options is to identify a suitable solution for all technologies and requirements. Ultracur3D® UV Adhesion Promoter is no exception and offers a range of unique benefits that appeal to different industries and fields like automotive interior and exterior or consumer goods.

However, in which cases can the Adhesion Promoter be a substantial part of your post processing solution?

One of those applications is when the surface quality of the printed part is too rough or uneven. Our Adhesion Promoter smooths the surface by being recoated multiple times with intermediate drying phases.

The coated surface is also compatible with a broad range of commercially available top coats and clear coats, making developments of new or replacing existing coating systems not a requirement for end-users. To enhance the adhesion of the printed parts there are two ways the colorless post-processing part can be applied – spray and dip.

Ultrasint® PP nat01 applied with UV Adhesion Promoter and coated with red top coat (Source: Forward AM)

Whether the UV Adhesion Promoter is dipped or sprayed, the first step is always to clean the part. The surface must be clean and free of dust and wax before a first layer is applied and cured in a UV intermediate drying process. Depending on the surface smoothness after the first layer, the part can be re-coated with another layer following the same procedure. Once the desired surface quality is achieved, the part will be cured again in a final UV drying with higher energy input. 

An extensive test program is an essential part of our coating product development together with BASF Coatings – the Ultracur3D® UV Adhesion Promoter was tested in various areas like thermal cycling and pressure water jet tests and passed in both to verify the expected performance on different materials.

If you have any questions concerning the Ultracur3D® UV Adhesion Promoter, 3D printing, or wish to request an expert consultation, our experts at Forward AM are happy to help!

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