Ultrasint® PA6 FR

Halogen-Free Flame-Retardant PA6 Powder for Advanced Applications

Ultrasint® PA6 FR is an advanced engineering polymer powder for Powder Bed Fusion with an innovative formulation containing a flame-retardant (FR) additive. Combining excellent mechanical and thermal performance with flammability requirements, it is especially suitable for applications in the electronics and public transportation sector. The halogen-free formulation based on PA6 makes the material unique in the 3D printing industry. Ultrasint® PA6 FR meets a broad spectrum of flammability ratings, relevant in different flammability-sensitive application fields e.g. electronics, aerospace and buses.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Sustainable halogen-free FR solution
  • Extra high rigidity
  • Exceptional thermal resistance
  • In-particle filler technology
  • The only UL Blue Card certified PA6 powder in the market
  • Passes Flammability, Smoke Density and Toxicity (FST) tests for use in aerospace
  • Passes ECE-R 118 App. 7 tests for use in public transportation
  • Colour: Black

Example Applications

  • Switchboard parts and other electronic components
  • Media flow and storage
  • Parts (i.e. air ducts for buses or in aerospace)
  • Jigs and fixtures for cables and pipes

Ultrasint® PA6 FR – Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength

41 MPa

Young’s Modulus

2500 MPa

Elongation at Break

3 %

Charpy Impact unnotched

7 kJ/m²

HDT B (0.45 MPa, dry)

207 °C

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