Ultrasint® PA6 LM

Special PA6 Powder for High Processability on any PBF Equipment

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Ultrasint® PA6 LM is a special powder material designed to maximize production accessibility to any Powder Bed Fusion user. Thanks to its lower melting temperature, compared to the other members of the Ultrasint® PA6 family, it allows printing on any PBF equipment due to lower processing temperatures. Its balanced property profile combines superior mechanical performance with outstanding thermal resistance. This advanced material can replace injection moulded PA6 parts without compromise. Ultrasint® PA6 LM enables real-world injection moulding PA6 performance and is easily processable on any Powder Bed Fusion equipment. The high versatility of Ultrasint® PA6 LM enables a wide range of applications from prototyping to industrial serial production parts.

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Material Properties: Ultrasint® PA6 LM

Column One
Tensile strength
44 MPa
Young’s modulus
1500 MPa
Elongation at break
17 %
Charpy impact unnotched
52 kJ/m²
HDT B (0.45 MPa, dry)
183 °C

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