Ultrasint® PA11 GB30

Bio-Derived, Glass-Bead Filled PA11 Powder for Rigid Parts with Enhanced Thermal and Abrasion Resistance

Ultrasint® PA11 GB30 is the perfect choice for all applications requiring thermal stability, rigidity and precise feature control of produced components. It combines all the advantages of the Ultrasint® range with glass bead additives, making it an ideal powder for prototyping and small-series production.
Through the reinforcement with glass beads, parts printed with Ultrasint® PA11 GB30 boast exceptional rigidity and superior heat deflection properties, while balancing elasticity and impact resistance. Choose Ultrasint® PA11 GB30 whenever parts are needed to perform reliably in challenging environments, require good wear resistance, and must not splinter on impact.

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Ultrasint® PA11 GB30

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