Ultracur3D® FL/EL Line

Flexible / Elastic Reactive Urethane Photopolymer Material

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Forward AM’s Flexible / Elastic Ultracur3D® FL/EL reactive urethane photopolymers deliver high elongation at break, combining high cushioning with long-term rebound and torsional strength thanks to their minimal structural degradation over time. The Flexible / Elastic Ultracur3D® FL/EL line requires no thermal post-curing and replaces traditional finishing-intensive silicon, urethane and butyl rubber molding, minimizing redesign cycle time and cutting your prototype development expenditure.

Example Applications

Ultracur3D® FL 300

Ultracur3D® FL 60

Ultracur3D® EL 60

Ultracur3D® EL 150

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