Reactive Urethane Photopolymers

Our Ultracur3D® Photopolymer Product Portfolio

Flexible / Elastomeric Line

Ultracur3D® FL / EL

  • High elongation at break
  • Good aging properties​
  • Excellent strength

Rigid Line

Ultracur3D® RG

  • High accuracy & low shrinkage
  • High long-term UV stability of printed parts
  • Flame-retardant

High Impact Line

Ultracur3D® ST

  • High details & fast printing product
  • High E Modulus
  • High long-term UV stability of printed parts

Dental Line

Ultracur3D® DM

  • New in the Forward AM Products Family
  • Precise reproduction of details
  • Cost effective

Ultracur3D® Photopolymer works with these Technologies

Stereolithography (SLA)

Imaging System: Laser

Stereolithography is perfect for those looking for a 3D printing technique which offers extremely high accuracy with finely detailed features, either bottom-up or top-down. Being one of the most precise 3D printing techniques on the market, SLA can be used to create highly complex and durable prototypes with a smooth surface finish.

  • High surface finishing and accuracy
  • Perfect for printing very large parts

Digital Light Processing (DLP)

Imaging System: Video Projector

Digital Light Processing provides excellent capabilities for 3D printing processes with an eye on efficiency. DLP is your go-to method when  opting for a quick printing process without compromising on the quality of intricate parts.

  • High productivity
  • For larger and smaller parts
  • Broad material portfolio

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Imaging System: LCD Screen

photopolymer resin
Liquid Crystal Display provides the opportunity to replace low & medium series injection moulds with large parts. The biggest benefit of printing with LCD as imaging system, compared to SLA, is its ability to produce parts faster.

  • Cost effective printing process
  • Precise, high resolution prints
  • Small and large scale 3D printing

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Realize your projects from
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  • Impeccable quality of printed parts
  • Optimal texturing ability
  • Outstanding surface finishing
  • Increased production output rate


Ultracur3D® polymers offer the best performance – whatever your application needs may be. 3D parts printed with Ultracur3D® keep their excellent surface finish and detail resolution, even when printed at high speeds. Our range of advanced photopolymer resins and solutions stands out with its lasting UV stability and an impact strength that far surpasses that of conventional photopolymers. These unique properties and behaviours can be traced back to a cutting-edge chemical building block developed by BASF 3D Printing Solutions (B3DPS).